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Owner Fishing Hooks and Tackle

Welcome to the world of Owner. When established in 1974, their mission policy was "Perfection In Hooks". A motto the company still strives for today. Owner Hooks has devoted decades in developing a range of high quality, high performance fresh and saltwater fishing products that are second to none. Owner produces hooks for everything from bait fishing, skirted trolling lures and soft plastics fishing as well as ranges of hooks designed specially for the jigging market. To complement their fishing hooks, Owner has also introduced Cultiva Lures, a range of beautifully crafted hard baits all featuring Owner hardware and suited to even the toughest and biggest of fish, and the new for 2010 SoftBaits line-up of soft plastics that we feel will be a serious hit among big bass enthusiasts. Hooksetter Supply is happy to offer anglers the full line-up of top-rated Owner fishing hooks, jig heads, lures, rigs, and hardware.
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Owner 4105 Mosquito Light Hook VMC 9649 Round Bend Treble Hook Bronze VMC Live Bait Short Shank Offset Hook - Black Nickel
Owner Worm Fishing Hooks-Twistlock 3XXX Strong w/ Spring on Shank Owner J Light Fishing Hook Owner Mosquito Drop Shot Fishing Hook
Owner "K" Fishing Hooks Owner Twistlock Finesse Hook with Centering Pin Spring-Owner 11757 VMC Trailer Hook
Owner 5114 MUTU Light Circle Hooks Owner 5114T Tournament MUTU Light Circle Hooks Owner Treble Hook Safety Caps
Owner 5107 Gorilla Light Bait Hooks Owner Single Replacement Hook Owner Snagless Fishing Snap

Owner Cultiva Lures