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Cortland Musky Fishing Line

Here at Hooksetter Supply or staff has tried almost every line available to land the notorious muskies and Lake Northern Pike Minnesota and Wisconsin had to offer. We outlined some of our findings below to help make your decision easier. The hunt for the best Musky line has taken us to lakes like, Lake Minnetonka, Lake Vermillion, Leech Lake, Lake Waconia, Cass Lake and Mantrap Lake so our line has experienced about every condition imaginable.

Cortland Musky Line
First of all we tried the old tried and true Cortland Musky Master and found that there is a reason this line has been produced for over 30 years. We have used this line on and off for several years and it stood the test of time. Cortland still makes Muskie Master Dacron for a reason. This line casts well, is abrasion resistant and definitely gets our vote for the best economical Muskie line available. The only downside is it is a little large in diameter and you cannot spool as much on your casting reel.

We tried to use Spiderwire Stealth and struggled with backlashes when throwing into the wind and the backlashes may have weekend the line as we had several break offs while casting. Thinking it was maybe my skills I turned the set up over to my fishing partner for the day and he experienced the same troubles.

The over favorite still is with the Cortland Spectron line or Cortland Masterbraid. We asked Cortland what the differences were between the new Masterbraid and the old Spectron line and they claimed the addition of fiber tech protection treatment. Basically the treatment goes through the entire line and gives it added protection ultimately making it last longer. The Spectron does not have the treatment and is limited to the black spot color. We like the feel of limited 4% stretch as the strike is sent right to your hands.

To sum up if price and color is what you are looking for especially when fishing in Minnesota we would choose the bronze or green Masterbraid followed by the Spectron or Cortland Musky Master lines. Also we recommend going for the 600 or even 1200 yard spools to ease the cost. These spools last for years and allow for more frequent line changes. We found the best performance was from line that was used for less than three-4 months. No matter what Cortland line you choose for musky fishing you will get a line you can use.

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Cortland Musky Fishing Line