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Top Buzzbaits for Topwater Success

Buzzbaits are an effective topwater bait that offer fisherman an exhilarating way to target fish. When thrown around wood, docks, or over weeds, fish have a hard time resisting the ruckus created by these baits. Just cast it out and reel it in slowly, keeping it on top of the water. Some buzzbaits have more of a subtle squeak, while others have a clacker to amplify the noise and surface disturbance. The trail of bubbles left behind from a buzzbait is an enticing sign for an easy meal. At Hooksetter Supply we carry buzzbaits in a variety of colors and styles from top brands that have been tournament tested to get you more topwater strikes.

Please note that many of the products have not made it to their respective homes yet at this time. We are working to add new products daily.

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