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Custom Fishing Rods for Serious Anglers

Choosing the right fishing rod is imperative for success out on the water. Finding a rod that is reliable and exactly what you need can be the difference between the catch of a lifetime and coming home defeated. At Hooksetter Supply you can create fishing rods with complete customization capabilities of a ProArc hand tied fishing rod! Spinning and baitcasters can be made to any specification to meet your exact needs. From ultralights to the heaviest action. You pick the rod, cork, guides, and colors and let us do the work. Don't know what you need? We can give you options based on species, fishing type, or style that you prefer. "Any action, any colors. You design it!" Call Don at 612-419-5683 for a quote today and start designing! Pairs nicely with your favorite Ardent fishing reels.

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