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Owner SSW Bait Hooks w/ Cutting Point (Pro Pack) Owner SSW Bait Hooks w/ Super Needle Point (Pro Pack) Owner JOBU Big Game Hooks
Owner Grander Tournament Marlin Circle Hooks Owner 5127R Ringed Super MUTU Circle Hooks Owner 5127 Super MUTU Circle Hooks
Owner 5129 Offshore Bait Hooks Owner 5163R MUTU Ringed Circle Hooks Owner 5174 Tournament MUTU Circle Hooks
Owner Ultrahead Saltwater Bullet Jig Heads Owner 5105R Gorilla Ringed Live Bait Hooks Owner Flyliner Ringed Live Bait Hooks
Owner 5129R Offshore Ringed Bait Hooks Owner 5171 Stinger Siwash Hooks Owner 5163 MUTU Circle Hooks
Owner 5105 Gorilla Live Bait Hooks Owner AKI Twist Saltwater Fishing Hooks Owner SSW In-Line Circle Hooks

Cutting Point hooks are a revolutionary breakthrough in high technology hook design. Unique to each Owner Cutting Point hook has a triple-edged cutting blade led by a needle-sharp point that never needs sharpening. The point grabs quickly, and as it begins to penetrate, the three cutting edges slice their way through the toughest scales, cartilage and even jaw bones for a positive, effortless hook set. Owner hooks are for anglers that demand the very best.