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Circle fish hooks are by far the best hook when thinking catch and release. Studies have shown that circle hooks are less likely to seriously injury to billfish compared to J hooks that often causes injuries to the respiratory and digestive systems of fish. If you are a big game angler and want to conserve the species you target choose a circle hook when ever possible.

When fishing circle hooks make sure that the point of the hook is fully exposed after threading your bait on. Circle hooks rely on the point contacting the corner of the fish's mouth and turning. Because of the curved profile of the hook, it becomes easy to bury the point into the bait. Always remember that if the hooks tip is not exposed it can not set itself like it is intended.

We encourage catch photo and release to preserve our great natural resources. Whether you are fishing in a tournament or out hunting for that trophy fish you should have a series of sizes and gauges of hooks to match the conditions. At Hooksetter Supply we will have the right hook for all your fishing needs.

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